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Work 1:1 with your therapist and/or supports to gain support to process a death, any significant change or loss, help managing the acute symptoms, and process any recent event or historical trauma that occurred.

How We Can Help You

Loss and suffering are apart of our experience on this planet. At one time or another, we all must go through the grieving process. Acknowledging your grief is often the healthiest way you can come out on the other side. Choosing not to deal with grief can have a long-term, lasting, negative impact on your life.

Grief can come in many forms and packages. Grief is a very common, yet largely misunderstood, aspect of life. There are many different forms of grief. Loss is not just about losing someone we love in death. Loss can come from a job loss, loss of your physical abilities, loss of the ideal and the list goes on. There is normal grief, anticipatory grief, complicated grief, chronic grief, delayed grief, cumulative grief, secondary grief, traumatic grief and much more. Understanding your symptoms and its connection to grief is critical in being able to move
through it. Carving out space and time for your grief to be experienced in a healthy way can lead to recovery of your painful symptoms while holding onto the value, positive memories and meaning of the relationship and experience.