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Work 1:1 with a counselor and with family to address a number of developmental challenges and obstacles

How We Can Help:

Child and adolescent counseling is therapy specifically for children and teens who need help with their mental health. Child and adolescent counseling is beneficial to truly any young person. But for those who suffer, it’s critical. Mental health counseling can prevent adolescents from experiencing mental health crises and help those in need of extra emotional support.  It is essential for an adolescent who is dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma.

We treat a wide range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues often seen in childhood. We work closely with parents to solve problems at home and school, and help children lead healthier, happier lives.


·       Challenges in home life (e.g., conflict, loss, separation, divorce, blended families, difficulties with siblings)

·       Depression and emotional regulation (e.g. sadness, shame, tantrums)

·       Anger management

·       Anxiety or fears (separation anxiety, school refusal, generalized anxiety, phobias, OCD, test anxiety)

·       Oppositional behavior, emotion regulation, and maladaptive anger

·       Parenting concerns (e.g., appropriate discipline, limit setting, agreement between parents on decision making, fostering strong communication)

·       School and learning-related difficulties (e.g., poor grades, school refusal, coping with symptoms of ADHD)

·       Social/peer difficulties (e.g., bullying, conflict, isolation, loneliness)

·       Obesity

·       Self-esteem

·       Self-harming

·       Trauma and PTSD

·       Coping skills and stress management